It’s my “About Me” but I am not going to make it look like something where I talk about my accomplishments. No, that’s not cool & does not fulfill the objective as there would not be a personal impression in it. 

As a child I always found myself attracted to stone/wood carvings, paintings and above all the simple beauty of nature in all its glory. So when I grew up I decided to study Fine Arts. During those 4 years in college I learnt painting, sculpture & pottery and photography. And that’s when I fell in love with Photography. I started this journey back in 1993 during my first year at college with the film camera (Minolta XD-7). I took many pictures during that time; leant from my mistakes; then lost my cameras (and many other things) to a theft & never got a chance to even touch a DSLR/SLR after that until a decade ago. 

It was a very slow transition and there was a halt in the journey too when life was throwing various challenges to test how strong I was as a person. It was the time I met my spiritual guide & friend Swami Kriyananda & through him my Guru – Paramhansa Yogananda. Their presence in my life helped me stay centered & calm during those extremely unpleasant situations and eventually the storms passed. God & Gurus have been very kind & their presence – ‘ever loving’ and ‘ever enlightening’. 

I wish to travel & photo-document my journeys just for the love of travel & photography, and yes, I love to share my stories with others. Travel enriches us, it makes us aware of other realities that exist. In the process our consciousness expands & we become humble & accepting. It helps us connect with the world on a deeper level. That’s when our true learning happens.

I also love to read books on spirituality because being spiritual is about staying connected to your ‘higher self’. That way, we never stop growing; we never stop learning.

I really hope that my stories open for you the doors to other cultures, places & regular ‘everyday-life’ things that might be new to many or some of you. Wouldn’t it be a great way to bring people together? 

I would be glad to receive your questions or thoughts or comments. Do write to me if you wish.

Thanks for stopping by!

And this is Manoo!


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You can also write to me at manoojphotos@gail.com in case you have an comments of questions.  Please leave your valuable comments here on the blog too as I would love to hear from you as often as you can.

Blessings & Joy!

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